The enticing one

Small effort – big reward. This slogan fits the Rinnenspitze, which is centrally located in the Oberberg valley. There are not many 3,000-meter high peaks, which can claim that they are easy. It is this easy 3,000 meter summit that opens the gate to the world of the glaciers and all their beauty and diversity. The Oberberg valley leads the way to the Rinnenspitze. It became famous in early times because it offered the shortest way from Innsbruck into the eternal ice, initially with the destination Alpeiner Ferner. Now the Rinnenspitze attracts hikers and causes them to fall in love with the Stubai summits. It marks the entryway to conquering the Seven Summits.

Huge power

You either come to the Rinnenspitze because of the power of its water or because of its view. Before you know it, the icy giants stand in front of you. Eyes are especially drawn to the Lüsener Ferner. If you dare to take a glance into the depths below, you will find the Rinnensee at its base. Without any doubt, this mountain lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes of the Alps, and absolutely worth the hike.

Healing waters

Many hundred years ago, when bears and wolves still lived in this rough region, legend says that a hunter shot a bear, and so began the myth of the spring at Bärenbad. Bärenbad is in the Oberberg valley where the Oberberg stream joins the Seebach stream. The legend of the wondrously healing waters at Bärenbad was born when the wounded bear rolled itself into a pool near the spring and soon trotted away after being completely healed. Around the year 1500, the water of the spring was analyzed and was found to contain a high level of iron and other minerals, which caused people from different countries to believe in the healing power of the Bärenbad waters. Primarily in the 17th and 18th centuries, they travelled to the three springs: a sulfur spring, a chalybeate spring and a mixed spring. In the year 1958, Bärenbad closed because the inflow of the spring had run dry.

Tour description

Starting point: Oberissalm im Oberbergtal (1742 m)
Destination: Rinnenspitze (3003 m)
Walking Time:   4½ h   3½ h
Vertical height: 1300 Hm
Huts and cabins:  Oberissalm (1742 m), Alpeinalm (2040 m), Franz-Senn-Hütte (2147 m)
Overnight possible at Franz-Senn-Hütte!

Fitness ★★★☆☆                                 
Technique  ★★☆☆☆
Characteristic: Hiking (black mountain track) and via ferrata (fixed roped route) – steel wires on the ridge at the peak – via ferrata graded A (B at one part). We recommend that hikers without climbing experience bring a via ferrata set (harness, etc.)

The tour starts at the Oberissalm in Oberberg valley which can be reached from Neustift-Milders. Turn right in Milders and follow the street for 9 kilometers to its end at Oberissalm. You can park there
for about 5 Euros a day or hire the shuttle service (call +43 5226 3500).

A winding path leads through the woods and mountain pines up to the Alpeinalm, where you can already see the Franz-Senn-Hütte. Directly behind the hut, cross the Alpein stream ascending north in the direction of the Rinnensee (lake). From here, a steeper track leads uphill along the eastern ridge of the Rinnenspitze. At the end, a steep but secured ridge with steel wires and iron steps brings you to the summit cross. For the whole ascent, plan on 4.5 hours.

Descend the same way, that you ascended.

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Stubai Super Card Package

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