Falbesoner See (2.850 m)

When making your way from the “Neue Regensburger Hütte” and heading in the direction of the “Dresdner Hütte”, the “Stubaier Höhenweg” trail takes you in the direction of Falbesoner See Lake. This moraine lake rests at 2,850 m above sea level and is dammed up by the moraine on the left-hand side of the “Hochmoos” glacier. The glacier’s melted snow and ice initially feeds the lake itself, then flows onward into the “Hohe Moos” (“high bogs”). Incidentally, it is still possible here to make out the cloudy glacier water as it continues its meandering flow. The basin in which the flood moor lies is significantly older than the lake itself. Its origin dates back to the last ice age when it was released by the glaciers. It was there that a lake initially formed, which then silted up over several millennia before transforming itself into a moor. Today, there is only a little remaining peat. In early summer, the wetlands are covered by dense white cotton grass – something definitely worth seeing for yourself. The traces left behind by the glaciers at every turn, with moraine walls and beautifully smooth-cut rock slabs, have come to characterise this high-altitude habitat.


Start / Finish: : parking space Waldcafe (Falbeson, 1.220 m)
Walking time: : 7 ½ h
Altitude difference: ↑ 1.360 HM ↓ 1.360 HM
Refreshment options: Falbesoner Ochsenalm (1.822 m), Neue Regensburger Hütte (2.286 m)
The tour starts at Waldcafe in Falbeson. There are numerous free parking spaces and a bus stop (‘Neustift Falbeson’) right next to Waldcafe.
Fitness level: 

From Waldcafe, the route first takes you on many winding paths through Falbeson forest. After around 600 metres up, the terrain flattens out and you reach the Falbesoner Ochsenalm via a forest path (walking time: 1.5 h). The steep trail winds along next to the waterfall to the Neue Regensburger Hut (walking time: 1.5 h). From the Neue Regensburger Hut, follow the Stubai High Trail, at first relatively flat, as far as the Hohe Moos and then climbing more steeply towards ‘Grawagrubennieder’, the highest Stubai High Trail crossing. At approximately 2,500 metres you reach a fork and from there, follow the signs towards Falbesoner See lake (walking time from Regensburger Hut: approx. 1 h). The same route leads back to the starting point.


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